Faces long wear eyeliner

Hello Beauties, I am going to review the best kohl pencil I’ve found, while in search of the blackest kohl. I want all the things matte like Matte lipstick, Matte foundation, Matte primer, Matte kohl etc., Also I hate retractable kajal pencils. I know those hassles of using a pencil kajal of carrying a sharpener or the wastage of product because of sharpening it. But it’s okay for me because I really don’t like the retractable kajal. I find eye pencils to be hygienic over retractable ones. So I was looking for a kajal pencil and I finally found it.

Faces Long wear eye pencil Review:

I tried many kohls from big brands but they smudge even if they claim no 12-hour smudge. But this FACES kohl is the Blackest of all blacks. This kohl is soft and smoothly glides on eyes. It does not smudge for at least 10 hours.

Faces long wear eyeliner

I used eyeliners of many brands that claim their eyeliners to be Transferproof etc., But this Faces Kajal draws the blackest, smooth, intense line in one stroke, on the eyelid and on the waterline of the eye.

Although, This Faces kajal stays for a very long time without transferring or smudging. That’s a *Yay!* to me. I am in love with this FACES kajal. This kajal did not irritate my eyes nor did this made my eyes watery. This is the highly underrated product.

The Faces long wear eyeliner is available in many other shades too. You have to use a good face wash or makeup remover to wash it off.
I bought it on
Faces long wear eyeliner retails for Rs. 249 for 1.15 gms.

MBB Rating: 4/5

Pros :

The colour payoff is too good. Highly pigmented.
It glides smoothly in one stroke.
Gentle on eyes.
Available in other exciting colours.
The quantity and quality available at this price are too good.
Affordable price
Cons :
This eyeliner is extremely soft, you have to be careful while sharpening them as they tend to break easily.
Needs to be sharpened often.

MISS BROWN BEAUTY highly recommends it.

Comment and let me know which is your favorite kajal/kohl?
Do you prefer Retractable/pencil kajal?🙂

Much love! 💗
-Haf. 💋

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