Mac Ruby woo.

Hello Beauties,

This is the first post on my blog and I wanted it to be about a LIPSTICK as I am a sucker for lipsticks., especially Matte lipsticks. ❤️
Today, I’m going to talk about my favourite lipstick. 💋

Mac Ruby woo is my favorite of all the lipsticks that I own. This is the first ever matte lipstick that I’ve owned.  Ruby woo is from the brand MAC and from the Retro Matte range.

My Fav Red.

Package details :

I’m that person who doesn’t shy away to wear Red Lipstick daily.

I have many red lipsticks but none can replace Mac Ruby woo.

Mac Ruby woo brightens my face.

Make sure you scrub your lips before applying this lipstick and it glides on lips like butter. But it’s quite a bit on drier side.

When I’m in rush and has no time to put on makeup. Mac Ruby woo comes to rescue. I put it on and my face looks bright.

Mac Ruby woo is a bliss for Indian skin tones and too good for one’s who are warm skin toned, like me!

Anytime, any occasion, I don’t fear wearing Red Lipstick.

On a dull day, it boosts my confidence.

  • The staying power of Mac Ruby woo is pretty good. It stays on lips for good 4 to 5 hours.
  • It glides like butter on lips but feels dry in 2 hours.
  • Gives bright red color in 2 swatches.
  • Don’t forget to scrub your lips and apply little amount of lip balm on lips before applying Mac Ruby woo.
  • It smears badly, when you have food.

Warm toned skin, cool toned skin? Confused about what I’m talking about? Don’t forget to read my next blog post. 💗

Also, Tell me about your favorite lipstick or lip shade in the comments below.

Much love! 💗
-Haf. 💋

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